Oswald Donner & Co. Ltd

Textile Accessories

As a former distributor of textile machines, Oswald Donner have a specialised knowledge of the textile industry, stocking a variety of machine parts and accessories. Below is only a small selection of our range. For enquiries CONTACT US.





 Wax Rings S255Standard Wax Rings available for most winding machines. Available in 10 kilo boxes or 2 Kilo Bags
 Arrow Spot Cleaning Gun S163The arrow spot cleaning gun is a high quality gun which can cater for a variety of needs
 Pull Down Strip Brown Grit S202Grit Finish 50mm Wide Strip. Available in self and non adhesive. (Other Finishes are available)
  • S298
  • S299
  • 12"
  • 10"
 Plain Paper Yarn Cones S321  

 Trichloroethylene Cleaning Fluid S151Good quality cleaning fluid for use with Arrow Spot Cleaning Gun. Supplied in strong and safe 5 litre metal cans
 Linen Provers (Piece Glass)




S156 - 25mm x 25mm Black Japaned

S157 - 3cm x 3cm Satin Chrome

S155 - 1" x 1" Black japaned

Grey/Blue Unpunched Computer Paper Tape S190For Stoll Machines
Pot Eyes S295-2318Yarn Guides (Ceramics). A wide variety are available to order
Thread Clips
  • S234 - Straight Steel
  • S236 - Plastic + Finger Hole
  • S255 - Plastic without finger hole
  • Good Quality steel thread clips 4.5"
  • Plastic handle with steel blades 4.5" (As pictured) Solid and useful for all jobs
  • Plastic with Steel Blades 4.5"

Needle Pliers
  • S194
  • S193
  • 180mm
  • 160mm
Yard/Meter Sticks S266Wooden & Metal


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