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Avery Dennison Standard Style Fasteners

We supply Dennison's standard style fasteners which can cater for most tagging needs. The paddle style fasteners are ideal for ticket attaching, t-ends are most suitable for pairing, hooks for display and hanging goods and loops for securing and packaging.

  • All types of standard fasteners are available in a range of colours and sizes and come in boxes of 5000. For enquiries please e-mail our sales team - sales@oswalddonner.com        

Standard Polypropylene (Paddle end) 


    FOR USE WITH:    

 A101 20mm
 A114 40mm
 A117 65mm
 A122 125mm

Standard Nylon (Heavy Duty) (Paddle end)

    FOR USE WITH:    

 A137 13mm
 A140 20mm
 A141 25mm
 A142 40mm
 A143 65mm

Avery Dennison Standard Economy Attachments (All Available in Polypropylene or Nylon) (Paddle End)

    FOR USE WITH:     

 A310 20mm
 A283 25mm
 A290 40mm
 A282 50mm
 A289 65mm
 A314 125mm

Dennison Hooks and Loops

The solution for packaging, fastening and display applications. Ideal for attachments on hosiery and headwear items.

  • Packed in boxes of 5000.




 A162 25mm Polypropylene
 A170 35mm Polypropylene
 A235 19mm Sock Hook




A30435mm Nylon 5000
A90065mm Nylon 5000

Dennison Fine Fabric Style Fasteners (Paddle end)


Specifically designed for delicate or tightly woven fabrics such as lingerie. Available in clips of 50 and 100. Also available in T-end.

  • Packed in boxes of 5000.


 A265 20mm Polypropylene/Nylon
 A256 25mm Polypropylene
 A258 50mm Polypropylene/Nylon
 A262 65mm Polypropylene

Dennison Non tool fasteners for tagging, pairing, bag closure, sealing....

The range includes a variety of colours, and offers a solution to almost any fastening problem you may have in an aesthetic and cost efficient way.

Secur-a-tach Fasteners


Made from Polypropylene, its fixed diameter makes it ideal for tagging and pairing a variety of products such as sports accessories, glasses, kitchen wear, shoes or travel accessories.

  • In boxes of 5000.
  • Made from Polypropylene
  • Available in Natural and Black



 A301 3"  (75mm) Cone End
 A155 5" (125mm) Cone End
 A149 9" (225mm) Cone End
 A153 3" New Securatach Barrel End
 A284 5" New Securatach Barrel End
 A149 9" New Securatach Barrel End
 A156 5" New Securatach Barrel End Black

Secur-a-tie Fasteners

Made from strong Nylon. Allows you to vary the diameter of the fastener depending on the application. Ideal for tagging and pairing a variety of products such as sports accessories, glasses, kitchen wear, shoes or travel accessories. 

  • In boxes of 5000.
  • Made from strong Nylon.



 A151 5" (125mm) Natural
 A152 5" (125mm) Black

Bar Lok Ladder Ties are also available in 7" and 11" in Blue, Black and Natural.


These very strong Nylon fasteners are ideal for bag closure and tying products together. See our CABLE TIES page for more details.

Stop-Lok Fixed Loop Fasteners

  • Strong Nylon Fasteners which pull tight and lock into a fixed loop.
  • Ideal for pairing shoes and trainers.
  • 11" Long.
  • Natural Colour.


Dennison Buttoneer/Meat Tagger Fasteners

Useful for pleating, spacing, closure or joining. Useful for applications which need tight-fitting and economical attachment. Ideal for automotive industry to attach spacer blocks inside the weather stripping in doors.


  • Boxes of 5000



 A172 Buttoneer Standard ShortNatural/Black
 A255 Buttoneer Standard Long Natural/Black

Dennison System 1000 Attachments (Paddle end)

Allows 1000 garments to be tagged without reloading, affording valuable productivity advantages and increased worker productivity and reduced jamming.

  • Boxes of 5000




 A285 13mm Polypropylene
 A286 25mm P/P
 A287 40mm P/P
 A267 60mm P/P

Dennison Microtach System


Replaces thread, staples and pins. The most compact and versatile swiftach fastener. Uses small nylon fasteners to hold items firmly together and allows easy and safe separation. Holds 120 fasteners per clip and small needle diameter minimizes product damage. Microtach attachments are nylon, 4.4mm long and T-end and come in boxes of 10,000. Contact us for prices.



 A313 4.4mm Nylon

Avery Dennison Super Heavy Duty (SHD) Fasteners and Tags




 A318 SHD 19mm T-End
 A319 SHD 32mm T-End

Fasteners made from strong Nylon. The Super Heavy Duty Tagging gun is specially reinforced to cater for tough applications. Needles are steel constructed to reduce breakage. Ideal for heavy fastening applications such as carpet.

We can also supply Dennison Super Heavy Duty Fasteners in T-end or loop style and  made from Nylon 6 and Swiftach Extra Heavy Duty T-End Fasteners.

Tach-it Fasteners

We are able to supply a wide range of Tach-it barbs and attachments including all sizes of Premium, microspaced and Eurotags at low prices. We can also supply hooks, available in 25mm length, security loops in 50mm, 75mm, 125mm and 225mm and also beaded ties in 140mm and 150mm.

The hooks are ideally suited to lightweight products which need to be hung. Beaded ties are able to be pulled together to enable greater security, while loops are ideally suited to products with handles or joles for threading to safeguard against theft.

CONTACT US for information about the sizes, colours and prices of our  tach-it barb range.

Below are our ranges of the Tach-it 3 series and 5 series Premium Microspaced barbs as well as some other popular Tach-it Attachments. Please note that we can supply most other types which are not listed.


  • All sizes can be supplied in either natural or black (Other Colours are available).
  • Boxes of 10,000



A124 307 (7mm) Fine Attachments
A221 307 (7mm) Fine Black Attachments
A126 311 (11mm) Fine Attachments
A128 315 (15mm) Fine Attachments
A230 320 (20mm) Fine Attachments
A133 335 (35mm) Fine Attachments
A987 365 (65mm) Fine Attachments
A132 325 (25mm) Fine Attachments
A308 UXP 50 Fine Attachments
A145 615 (15mm) Fine Attachments

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